Special Purchase Program

Dear Prospective Seller:

I am interested in purchasing your home using our special purchase program.

Here is a quick summary on how it works:

· With our Special Purchase Program, we can pay you close to full price for your home without having to pay any Realtor’s commissions.

· There are no fees associated with this program. All we ask is that you give us a firm, non-wavering, upfront commitment to sell your home to us using this strategy.

· We will buy your house “as-is”. No repairs necessary.

1. If you pass our Pre-Screen Process then we will send you our Conditional Right to Purchase Contract, as soon as we have the contract back we will verify all of the information and documents you submitted.

The following documents are required:

· Latest copy of the mortgage statement
· Copy of Tax Bill
· Copy of HOA Statement
· Copy of Driver’s License (to verify ownership of the home)

What is our Conditional Right to Purchase Contract?

With this contract, we will agree on a price and terms (if any) you will authorize us to verify all the information submitted by you regarding the various lien holders, taxing authorities, HOA and any other entity that may have a lien on the property. This process will determine if your property qualifies for our program.

2. Approval Process– All information has been verified and your property qualifies with our program, a final internal evaluation will be performed.

3. Closing Process – Your file is forwarded to our attorney for all documents to be reviewed and a quick search of your title is performed to verify ownership and liens. All information will be re-verified by our attorney, closing documents will be prepared and closing date is scheduled.

What is the catch?
There is no catch. Our motivation is profit. Our Goal is to purchase your home for the purpose of making a profit for our company when we “‘Re-Sell” the property later. You get to walk away today and get on with your life.

I am ready to come and look at your house. Fill out our Property Information form and I will schedule an appointment. Click here


Ed Casey
Simple Home Solutions