Housing Crisis Getting Worse?

We have gathered some articles that caught our attention. These article discuss the current housing market.

Housing crisis to limit home ownership by Sarah Nevill. She writes that young people are forced to live with their parents until well into their 30s. Read full article here.

With the current economy, would life be better for the next generation?  Eric Pianin writes How the housing Crisis shafted the next generation

Cleaning Up Foreclosed Homes After the Mortgage Crisis by Paul Knight. Junk haulers expand their business in the wake of evictees leaving behind houses in terrible condition. Thinking of getting a new job? This might be a good deal. Read full article here.

Houston: Zoned out of the housing crisis? Does Houston need zoning? That’s become an increasingly contentious debate in this, the largest U.S. city without it. Read full article by Loren Steffy.


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