What’s the latest on Real Estate Market?

Mortgage rates rise, ending record streak. Rates on 30-year fixed mortgages climbed slightly higher this week, breaking a run that saw rates match or set new record lows for 13 out of the past 14 weeks. Read Full Post here.

Buying beats renting in most U.S. cities. For people who are willing to stay put for a few years, buying a home has become a much better deal than renting in almost every major housing market in the nation. Read full post here.

Principal Reduction: Is Debt Forgiveness Fair? Few topics have sparked more debate among housing market watchers than mortgage principal reduction. Its proponents tout debt forgiveness as one of the surest ways to counteract the housing slump. Its critics label it a handout that would cost taxpayers and spur further defaults. Read full post here.

New-home sales slump.Sales of new homes fell to an annual pace of 350,000, down 8.4% from May when sales hit a two-year high, according to the Census Bureau report. Read full post here.

Negative Equity Problem Could Make Foreclosure Crisis Even Worse.Just when you thought the housing market might be on the mend, news that foreclosure activity is on the rise across the country reopens a painful wound.Read full post here.


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