Foreclosure Crisis, will it end?

Negative Equity Problem Could Make Foreclosure Crisis Even Worse. Just when you thought the housing market might be on the mend, news that foreclosure activity is on the rise across the country reopens a painful wound. Read full post here.

The worst U.S. housing crisis since the Great Depression has been declared over. But is it? everal housing experts have said the market is in danger of drifting for years. In a bleaker scenario, the fragile U.S. economic recovery could slip back into recession if Europe’s crisis deepens or the political impasse in Washington triggers a new budget crisis, putting the housing market at risk again. Read full post here.

The number of properties for sale at the bottom end of the US housing market is declining, with agents revealing their inventories have fallen while transactions have risen. Read full post here.

U.S. foreclosures up for second straight month. New foreclosure starts were filed on 104,294 properties in June, an increase of 4 percent from June 2011 but a 4 percent decrease from May, when they jumped to 109,051 on the heels of the settlement. Read full post here.


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