Challenges facing real estate Agents/Brokers in Houston Texas

Official seal of City of Houston

Official seal of City of Houston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Real estate agents in Houston, Texas are faced by numerous challenges even as the business is becoming a boom globally. In Houston, Texas for instance, the challenges are numerous just as the benefits. The following are such drawbacks:

Scrupulous deals have cost many real estate agents huge losses in Houston, Texas. While some people may be genuine about their home buying intentions, some of these deals never materialize and only turn out to be a scam. The blame is always on Houston, Texas brokers who in the whole process, act as intermediaries.

Fraudsters posing as real estate brokers have also brought unethical practices in the business of real estate brokerage services. Many have been fleeced of millions of dollars in Houston, Texas for falling prey to wrong deals.

The issue of commission payment to agents is proving quite a demoralizing factor to brokers being paid through this method.

Edward Casey of Houston Texas and uses Title Company’s and Attorneys and licensed Realtors when conduction business. A good business practice when using an unfamiliar Realtor one should always verify their identity through the Texas Real Estate Commission.


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