“Legal Framework or Rules Governing Real Estate Industry in Houston”

Austin - Texas State Capitol: House of Represe...

Austin – Texas State Capitol: House of Representatives Chamber (Photo credit: wallyg)

There are laws governing the real estate industry in Houston Texas and these laws are there to aid in the possession and governance of land and buildings that occupy the said land. There are several terminologies in real estate law such as encumbrances which is a declaration of interest in someone else’s land legally but encumbrances generally attach to the property so a property owner can still sell the property even if there is an encumbrance. Under the law a seller of a real estate property can also impose deed restrictions on their property which they would generally do to maintain certain standards maybe in the community or land itself. Also tax on property is provide for in the laws governing real estate and is calculates by multiplying the tax value of the property by the tax rate. The law in Houston Texas provides for the right to buy and sell real estate and the right to develop the piece of real estate.

Edward Casey of Houston Texas and www.house911.com  have found that keeping the housing affordable buying in the right locations desirable areas financing is always available.  


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