” What if Things Go Wrong? “

Congratulations! You’ve officially gone from a vacant house to a fully rented home to great tenants and have joined the ranks of your fellow real estate investors. However, your journey is not over – but just beginning.

As a landlord, it is now your responsibility to ensure rent is paid on time, your tenants are properly trained in the most efficient manner possible, late fees are given when needed, repairs performed when required, and bookwork kept up to date.

During this process, things will go wrong. You will face problems that you might not immediately know the answer to. I highly recommend that, with any problem you face, come ask for help from the Edward Casey home owners. There are hundreds of thousands of posts that cover every nook and cranny of the investing world – all for free and all right at your fingertips. If the question hasn’t been asked before – just jump in and post a question. Within hours or even minutes, you’ll receive feedback from seasoned landlords across the world. The advice I received from Edward Casey was the most instrumental tool in growing my rental business and becoming financially free. I encourage you to stay close to Edward Casey Blogs and do the same.


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